Amazon Algorithms with Bethany Burke

Virginia Romance Writers is pleased to welcome, Bethany Burke on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016. She’ll present her workshop on Amazon Algorithms.



Most publishers sell 60, 70, 80% OR MORE of their books on Amazon.  For self-published authors, this number can be as high as 100%. Amazon really is the elephant in the living room. But how does Amazon sell books?

Enter the Amazon algorithm. Just like Google, Amazon has an internal search engine which determines what customers are shown when they log in, what they are shown in response to certain search terms and more. Exactly how these decisions are made is a closely guarded secret. Can the algorithm be understood? Bethany will discuss categories, keywords, search terms, and more!


About Bethany Burke, Publisher and CEO of Blushing Books:


Bethany has been writing professionally since the mid 1980s.  In the early 1990s, bothered by the what she perceived as an increasing trend towards “politically correct romance,” Bethany began self-publishing her spicy romances and sending her xeroxed books out through snail mail.   With the dawn of the Internet in the late ’90s, Bethany was freed (at last!) from all those tiresome late night trips to the 24-hour Kinkos and from standing in line at the post office.  She launched her first website on a September day in 1998, went out for dinner, and came home to find that sixteen people had bought one of her books.  She never knew how they found her, but she’s never looked back.


She started what is recognized as the first the first major pay fiction site on the Internet for women in 1999, and began publishing actual E-books in 2001, the first publisher anywhere to do so.  Blushing Books has grown into a company representing more than 200 authors, publishing 25-30 books per month.  We currently dominate lists in Western Erotic Romance and Victorian Erotic Romance on Amazon.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jefferson-Madison Regional Library–Central Branch

201 E Market St

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Doors open at 9:30am

Meeting begins at 10:00am


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