Fool For Love 2017 Winners

Virginia Romance Writers is proud to announce the 2017 Fool For Love Winners!

Short Contemporary Romance:

1st Place: Hot Escape by Jael Allen (Full Requested)

2nd Place: Forbidden Paradise by Barbara Forlenza (Synopsis Requested)

3rd Place: Callie’s Dilemma by P. L. Harris


Long Contemporary

1st Place: What He Wants by Jessie Gussman

2nd Place: Late Bloomers by Adriana Allegri

3rd Place: Played by Melanie Bruce

4th Place: Working Polls: A Tale of Love, Sex, and Politics by Emily Mahon

(Four finalists due to a tie in this category)

Historical Romance:

1st Place: Love’s Redemption by Jeanine Englert (Full Requested)

2nd Place: The Seduction of Mrs. Smith by Elizabeth Everett (Partial Requested)

3rd Place: The Rescue of Lord Grange by Elizabeth Everett (Synopsis Requested)


Light Paranormal Romance:

1st Place: Rooted in Enchantment by Hannah Singerman (Partial Requested)

2nd Place: Perilous Prophecy by Jaycee Jarvis (Partial Requested)

3rd Place: Awakening the Blades by Alexia Chantel


Dark Paranormal Romance:

1st Place: A Child of Eden by Laralyn Doran (Full Requested)

2nd Place: Demon Curse by Raewyn Bright (Partial Requested)

3rd Place: Praetorian Rising by Lisa Knight (Partial Requested)


Romantic Suspense:

1st Place: Four by J.J. Beall (Synopsis Requested)

2nd Place: Criminal Heat by Jan Jackson

3rd Place: In the Wrong Sights by Tracy Brody


New Adult:

1st Place: Casualty by Paula Huffman (Synopsis Requested)

2nd Place: The Twenty-Eighth Kiss by Michelle Joyce Bond

3rd Place: More Than Chemical by Leanne Farella


Young Adult:

1st Place: The Goth’s Worst Nightmare by Miguella T. Twosias (Full Requested)

2nd Place: Wings of a Butterfly by Toni Cross (Partial Requested)

3rd Place: Water Too Deep by Tamara Argyle (Synopsis Requested)

Published Author:

1st Place: The Griffin Murders by Mary Behre*

2nd Place: Pictures of You by M. C. Vaughan

3rd Place: Unspeakable Grudges by P.H. Turner

*indicates chapter member