Fool For Love Past Winners

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Short Contemporary

1st Place: Hot Escape by Jael Allen+#

2nd Place: Committed by Forbidden by Barbara Forlenza^

3rd Place: Callie’s Dilemma by P. L. Harris

Long Contemporary

1st Place: What He Wants by Jessie Gussman

2nd Place: Late Bloomer by Adriana Allegri

3rd Place: Played by Melanie Bruce

4th Place: Working Polls: A Tale of Love, Sex, and Politics by Emily Mahon

(Four finalists due to a tie)

Historical Romance

1st Place: Love’s Redemption by Jeanine Englert+

2nd Place: The Seduction of Mrs. Smith by Elizabeth Everett*

3rd Place: The Rescue of Lord Grange by Elizabeth Everett^

Light Paranormal Romance

1st Place: Rooted in Enchantment by Hannah Singerman*

2nd Place: Perilous Prophecy by Jaycee Jarvis*

3rd Place: Awakening the Blades by Alexia Chantel

Dark Paranormal Romance

1st Place: A Child of Eden by Laralyn Doran+

2nd Place: Demon Curse by Raewyn Bright*

3rd Place: Praetorian Rising by Lisa Knight*

Romantic Suspense

1st Place: Four by J.J. Beall^

2nd Place: Criminal Heat by Jan Jackson

3rd Place: In the Wrong Sights by Tracy Brody

New Adult

1st Place: Casualty by Paula Huffman^

2nd Place: The Twenty-Eighth Kiss by Michelle Joyce Bond

3rd Place: More Than Chemical by Leanne Farella

Young Adult

1st Place: The Goth’s Worst Nightmare by Miguella T. Twosias+

2nd Place: Wings of a Butterfly by Toni Cross*

3rd Place: Water Too Deep by Tamara Argyle^

Published Author

1st Place: The Griffin Murders by Mary Behre#

2nd Place: Pictures of You by M. C. Vaughn

3rd Place: Unspeakable Grudges by P. H. Turner


Short Contemporary

1st Place: One Last Risk by Nancy Stopper^

2nd Place: Committed by Jael Allen#

3rd Place: Jamestown Homecoming by Becke Turner

Long Contemporary

1st Place: Closer to You by Cate Tayler^#

2nd Place: A Taste of Love by Cate Tayler^#

3rd Place: The Hustler by Angie Hockman^

Historical Romance

1st Place: Scandalous by Genevieve LaViolette+

2nd Place: The Governess’s Glance by Jenny Henderson*

3rd Place: Honorable Intentions by Jessica Mara*

Paranormal Romance

1st Place: The Seductress by Jessica Grace Kelley+

2nd Place: Immortal Law by L. R. Skye

3rd Place: Felted by J. M. Fraser

Romantic Suspense

1st Place: Voice for the Dead by Stacy Woodson^

2nd Place: Hit and Run by Lori Matthews

3rd Place: The Getaway by Hope Anika

New Adult/Young Adult

1st Place: Beneath Us by Michelle Bond+

2nd Place: Seducing Death by Elle McKay+#

3rd Place: Soren’s Resistance by Christine Gunderson+

Published Author

1st Place: Flat Tires & Shifting Gears Again by Meg Adams#

2nd Place: Undercover Heart by Christine Poe^

3rd Place: The Keeper of Little Secrets by Donna Dalton#


Short Contemporary

1st Place: His Rebel Heart by April Arrington^

2nd Place: Her Bull Rider’s Choice by April Arrington^

3rd Place: The Way to You by L. Catharine Tayler^

Long Contemporary

1st Place: Knock-Down Drag-Out by Terra Rogerson+

2nd Place: He Love Me, He Loves Me Not by Nicole Evelina^

3rd Place: The Blackbird by Diana Bui


1st Place: The Duke’s Seduction by Masha Levinson+

2nd Place: The Secret Affairs of a Duke’s Daughter by Janna MacGregor^

3rd Place: Love’s Triumph by Jeanine Englert

Dark Paranormal

1st Place: The Mindless by Pamela Jernigan

2nd Place: The Compass: Book One in the Divided Stars Series by Cindy Charity

3rd Place: Whispering Lakes by Brenda McLaughlin

Light Paranormal

1st Place: Stealing Time by Bill Haggart

2nd Place: Taxing Courtship by Jaycee Jarvis

3rd Place: Queen of Hearts by Harris Fischer

Young Adult/New Adult 

1st Place: Beest by Debbie Van Brunt+ 

2nd Place: In Between Them by Jeanmarie Anaya+

3rd Place: She Laughs in Pink by Jessica Calella

Romantic Suspense

1st Place: Trial of the Heart by Masha Levison^

2nd Place: Off the Shelf by Terra Rogerson

3rd Place: The Keys to Her Heart by Harris Fischer

Honorable Mention: Murder for Granted by K.T. Cady#

Published Author

1st Place: The Boyfriend Whisperer (Young Adult) by Linda Budzinski#

2nd Place: Walk Me Home (Contemporary) by Sarina Bowen+

3rd Place: A Town Called Hope (Romantic Elements) by Abby Gaines


Short Contemporary Category

1st Place: When in Rome by Angela Bissell+

2nd Place: Chasing the Sun by April Standard

3rd Place: Inevitable by Mia Sosa

Long Contemporary Category

1st Place: Barreled Over by Jenna Sutton

2nd Place: Rent and Cornflakes by Jilly Wood

3rd Place: Pretty Smart Girls by Leigh Kraushaar

4th Place: The Promise of Tomorrow by Karen Henry

Historical Category

1st Place: The Heretic’s Daughter by Jessica Trapp

2nd Place: Ambition and Amour by Linda Olson

3rd Place: All That Shimmers by Kady Winter

Paranormal Category

1st Place: A Moment After Dark by Janet Halpin+

2nd Place: Damned If She Don’t by Janet Walden-West+

3rd Place: Steam Me Up, Rawley by Angela Quarles+

4th Place: Keeping Athena by Fae Rowen

5th Place: The City Beneath by Melody Johnson

Romantic Suspense

1st Place: Murders, Curlers, and Cream by Arlene McFarlane+

2nd Place: Family Secrets by Debbie S G

3rd Place: Saving Eric by Joan Deneve

Young Adult

1st Place: The Nascent Bloom by Janet Halpin+

2nd Place: Tiger Lily by Wende Dikec

3rd Place: Sucker Punching Magic by Mia Jo Celeste

Published Author

1st Place: Camp Murder by Auralee Wallace+

2nd Place: The Homecoming by William Walker

3rd Place: Mad for the Marquess by Jess Russell


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