HOLT Medallion Judge Application

The form is long, so please continue to scroll to the bottom of the form then click the submit button. If you have any questions, please email the HOLT Coordinator.

To participate, judges must agree to all of the following statements:

1. I am an avid reader of romance fiction, and I am familiar with the style and requirements of the genre.

2. I am 18 or more years of age.

3. I am neither a published author of book-length fiction, nor am I actively pursuing a career in fiction writing.

4. I am not a relative of any author with work submitted in the contest categories I’ve agreed to judge.

5. I will read all the books assigned to me and return the completed scores within the established deadlines via the on-line form.

6. If I am unable to judge a book fairly, for any reason, I will immediately notify the contest coordinator.

7. If I become unable to fulfill my duties as contest judge, I will notify the contest coordinator and return all books immediately so that a replacement judge can be found.

8. I will keep confidential all information related to the contest, including scores, book titles, and names of authors I judge in this competition. I will not mention the HOLT Medallion in any reviews including but not limited to Amazon, Goodreads, public forums, blogs, and other media. *I understand that if I violate this rule, I will be banned from future contests.*

To stay green, we are encouraging judges who are willing to read e-book entries to do so. If you are comfortable reading e-books, please indicate your preferred e-book format on your judging application form below. You may receive a mix of print and e-books, depending on the format of entries we receive from authors.

You will be asked to judge approximately five books in one or more categories (quantities will vary based on overall entry size).

Print books will be shipped and e-books will be e-mailed in early February, and your scores must be returned via the on-line form by April 1, 2018. The books you judge are yours to keep and enjoy.

If you wish to judge in the HOLT, please complete and submit this form by January 16, 2018 (9:00 PM EST). Remember to scroll to the bottom to click the submit button for your application to be received.



Thank you again for agreeing to judge the HOLT Medallion.