Our membership includes writers of all levels of accomplishment and ability. We are a mix of writers who have recently decided to write a romance novel and professional writers who are successful with multi-book contracts.

You must be a member of our parent organization, Romance Writers of America® in good standing before becoming one of us. RWA membership dues are $99, with a first time processing fee of $25 for the first year. Click here for the RWA website.

Once you have received your RWA member number, fill out the VRW online application form. Our chapter dues are $25 annually. Please note the button in the lower right hand corner “Add to Cart” to add the local membership dues to your cart before checking out using the upper right hand corner button, “View Cart”. We accept Paypal, credit cards, and checks. You will receive an email confirmation.

*Please note that if you are checking to see if you need to renew your membership, you will not see an “Add to Cart” button on the initial screen if your membership is in good standing.

Once we receive receipt of your paid dues, you will be invited to join our forums on your myRWA local chapter forums where you may post questions and share your experiences. You will also receive email updates and be invited to the monthly VRW meetings for a combination of camaraderie and guest speaker workshops on topics that range from how to start your novel to communicating through social media with your growing fans.

Your VRW membership may qualify as a business expense for tax purposes, but it is not a charitable contribution.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our Membership Chair at

We look forward to having you in our VRW member group!